Car BriteĀ® Select Dealership Detailing System

Car Brite select is a powerful detailing system designed specifically for auto dealerships and high-volume detailing shops. Car Brite Select is a complete system that includes interior cleaner, exterior cleaner, wheel cleaners, exterior solvents, tire dressings, all-purpose dressings, car soaps, glass cleaner and everything else you need to provide quality detailed vehicles for valued customers. Car Brite's detailing system will allow you to focus on your dealership's profitability while expanding customer satisfaction.

Car Brite Select Professional Detailing Supplies

Car Brite's Select detailing system is designed to help you overcome today's environmental mandates, an everchanging workforce, and the challenge to remain competitive while increasing profitability. The Select System provides:

Car Brite Select Row

  • Top performing VOC compliant formulas that will save you time and money while delivering "top of class" results.
  • All of the Select products are phosphate and nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE)-Free
  • Detailing Products are color coded and tri-lingual (English, Spanish and French), designed to reduce confusion and risk of improper use.
  • Our detailing system comes complete with an interactive training CD that will provide quick usage instructions and tips for new and existing employees.

Select products come in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers with a matching color-coded 32 ounce spray bottle. Water-based concentrates are easily diluted providing great value in the long-run.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This system has been a great addition to our Detail Department. It has cut down on waste and has given us better control of our inventory. This system is wonderful!

- Gary Whitefield from Saturn of Huntsville

Car Brite Select Detailing Rack

Select Detailing Rack

Maximize your mobility and reduce clutter with the Car Brite Select rack. The Select rack augments our detailing system by offering compliance, simplicity, organization and cost control by integration with Car Brite's Accudose proportioning system. Features include:

  • Removable Drip Trays
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Specially designed Select Accudose Proportioner
  • Rack for MSDS Binder


What Our Customers Are Saying

The Car Brite Select rack has performed and even exceeded my expectations. The porters love it and I'm looking forward to saving product, money and man hours because the chemicals are being mixed properly.

- Darren Wood from Kyle Chapman Motors

Common Dealership Problems and the Select Solution

Car Dealerships have concerns when it comes to detailing whether they are regulatory, employee, or expense related.

Car Brite Select products are all VOC compliant, Phosphate and NPE-Free meeting regulatory mandates.

Product misuse is often attibuted to inadequate label instructions, language barriers, product confusion, and improper dilutions. The Select solution is -- our color coded labels, tri-lingual labels, and usage instructions. Our MSDS is online, on the product information sheets, and on all container sizes.

Car Brite Select Row

Employee turnover and lack of training can lead to product misuse, costly mistakes and injury. The Select Solution provides comprehensive tri-lingual interactive training online and on CD complemented by a waterproof shop poster that will provide quick usage instructions. All of this is designed to ensure consistent quality and results while reducing your employee turnover.

Excessive inventory and uncontrolled costs plague dealerships due to the lack of detailing processes and the purchase of uncessary products. The Select Solution reduces the number of products you need in the detailing bay while ensuring proper dilution.