Learning Center

Today’s vehicles are technological marvels comprised of surfaces ranging from polyurethane paints to polyester filament fibers. Unfortunately, these surfaces are degraded daily through exposure to everything from the sun’s ultraviolet rays to your son’s chocolate milkshake.

Thus, reconditioning these surfaces is a complex process requiring much more than soap and a wash mitt. It involves a variety of products – soaps, cleaners, degreasers, solvents, dressings, compounds, polishes, sealants, spot removers – plus the knowledge of how to safely and effectively use them.

That’s where training comes in, and that’s where Car Brite shines. We offer a wide range of professional automotive reconditioning training programs, each designed to educate users on the proper processes, products, equipment and safety precautions needed for their application.

Detailing & Reconditioning Guides

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines outlining Car Brite's recommended reconditioning practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions that both reconditioning professionals and detailing enthusiasts ask most often.

Detailing Videos

Videos illustrating Car Brite's recommended reconditioning processes and the safe and effective usage of key products.

Car Brite Training Videos

Our 12-step training series for our Car Brite Select product line. A guide to detailing a vehicle from start to finish.

Car Brite University

Comprehensive automotive reconditioning seminars available to distributors and end users at Car Brite's state-of-the-are Indianapolis Training Center.

On-site Reconditioning Training

Car Brite personnel are available to train personnel at your facility.