Car Brite Training Videos

Our training series is now available online! Watch our 12-step detailing series to learn how to most effectively use our Car Brite products.

Car Brite Select Process

Safely, effectively and efficiently recondition your vehicles while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your expenses.

Step 1: Degreasing the Vehicles Exterior

Step 2: Dressing the Engine

Step 3: Cleaning Tires and Wheels

Step 4: Removing Grease, Tar and Wax

Step 5: Washing the Exterior

Step 6: Applying Tire and Trim

Step 7: Cleaning Exterior Glass

Step 8: The Final Shine

Step 9: Cleaning the Interior

Step 10: Protecting the Interior

Step 11: Cleaning Interior Glass

Step 12: Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery