Power Tools

The new POLISHFLEX was developed by professionals for professionals. Motor and gear unit both operate extremely quiet.

The orbital rotation of this innovative polisher simulates the circular movement of the human hand while polishing.

The FLEX XFE7-15 150 Long Stroke Orbital Polisher ("The Finisher") is a free-spinning, dual action polisher that embodies everything that is “FLEX”.

The ideal detailing light for automotive interiors or under the hood.

Dewalt Right Angle Random Orbit Sander. Heavy-duty 6 in. sander with electronic variable speed. Variable speed from 4,300-6,800 opm provides greater control of material removal rate. Controlled Finishing System maintains pad speed and minimizes gouging during start up. Dual-plane counter-balanced fan reduces user fatigue.

Dewalt High Speed Polisher. Industry standard high speed polisher. Heavy-duty variable speed (0-1,000/3,000 rpm) electronic polisher features a powerful 8.0 amp, 120V AC/DC, all ball-bearing motor for long life. Electronic module provides full power, even under load, from 1,000-3,000 rpm.

6 in. rotary polisher. 1-year warranty.

Heavy Duty Metal Orbital Polisher. Highly recommended for pre-cleaning, polishing and buffing in applications requiring a heavier duty orbital polisher. 1,730 rpm. Shock resistant housing, minimal vibrations. Removable shaft. Heavy duty ball bearing-capacitor, 2.2 amp, 110v/220v motor. 15 lbs, overall height - 8 in.

Makita Variable Speed Polisher. This rotary polisher features a large wrap around handle and a quick-removal spindle lock. Includes hook & loop backing plate! Measures 19 1/2 inches and weighs 6.6 lbs. 115/120v, 10 amp, 0-3000 rpm.

Milwaukee Variable Speed Polisher. Powerful 11 amp motor that provides plenty of power to maintain the right speed. A trigger speed control switch allows speeds of 0-2800 rpm. This versatile model will accept 7 inch or 9 inch accessories. A spindle lock for convenient, quick accessory changes is standard.

Porter Cable Random Orbit Polisher. This 6 in. rotary polisher features a random, swirl-free polishing action that helps prevent scratching of the paint or clear coat of your vehicle. Measures 11 1/2 inches and weighs 6 lbs. Includes polishing pad, side handle, wrench, and manual.

Replacement Brush - Dewalt Variable Speed Polisher.  Brush and switch sold separately.

Replacement Switch - Dewalt Variable Speed Polisher.  Brush and switch sold separately.

Revolutionary new pneumatic cleaning gun cleans engines, door frames, upholstery, interior plastics and more. A powerful "tornado" pulse spray is created with the spirally rotating hose, mixing air and liquid cleaner to remove dirt particles quickly and efficiently. Quickly change from spray liquid delivery to air drying, removing moisture in seconds. Quickly change from spray liquid delivery to air drying, removing moisture in seconds. Recommended pressure of 60 to 90 psi, 75 psi for hard surface cleaning. Do not exceed 110 psi. Can be used with most cleaning solutions - do NOT use with acids or strong solvents.

Variable speed random orbital polisher with a 21mm throw.