Black Pearl™ SiO2 Ceramic Coating Kit


Car Brite Black Pearl Ceramic Si02 Coating provides a lasting, impermeable barrier that protects surfaces against the harshest of elements while providing a deep, rich gloss. The Si02 formula is a liquid glass coating resistant to scratches, acid, salt, chloride and alkaline making it far more durable than wax. The coating provides a near perfect surface creating a self-cleaning finish that helps prevent water spots and the adhesion of deposits while enhancing color and depth of shine. Plus, its anti-static properties help repel dust helping keep surfaces cleaner - longer.
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Impermeable coating for painted and glass surfaces
Paint, Glass & Chrome

Key Benefits

  • Liquid glass 9H protection
  • 10x harder than today's painted finishes
  • Lasts up to 5 years
  • Helps keep your vehicle cleaner - longer
  • Anti-static formula helps repel dust
  • Helps prevent scratches
  • Fills small scratches and swirl marks

How to use

Important: Must be applied with temperature 55°F - 85°F and Below 50% humidity. Apply only with proper lighting.
PREP: Wash and clay bar vehicle. Apply Metallic Fallout Remover to surface to remove remaining contaminants. Remove scratches with compound/polish as necessary. Wipe vehicle with isopropyl alcohol to remove wax & silicone. 
APPLY: With surface dry, apply 7-10 drops to applicator pad. Spread a thin layer on the surface in a 2’x2’ area in a cross-hatch pattern. DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO CURE. (Note: Use multiple towels for removal to avoid scratches) Remove first pass with low pile microfiber towel. Follow immediately with high pile microfiber towel removing remaining residue. Repeat until entire vehicle has been coated. 
Keep away from water for 12 hours.


Solvent Based: