Paint Correction Mitts, Towels & Cloths


The Car Brite Paint Correction pads, mitts and towels provide an alternative to clay bars with an advanced rubber polymer technology that removes surface contaminants.  Unlike clay bars, no kneading is required and the pad can be rinsed with water to remove contaminants.  Plus, large surface areas are faster than clay and lasts up to 4 times longer!  Pads work with most orbital polishers with hook and loop backing.  


835117 Paint Correction 6" Medium Pad 12/1 CS
835118 Paint Correction 6" FinePad 12/1 CS
835119 Paint Correction Medium Towel 12/1 CS
835120 Paint Correction Fine Towel 12/1 CS
835171 Paint Correction  Medium Mitt 12/1 CS
835172 Paint Correction  Fine Mitt 12/1 CS
835173 Paint Correction 5 3/4" Handstrap AP 12/1 bag


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