Car Brite ® Professional Detailing Products & Accessories

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Car Brite professional detailing supplies and restoration products offer some of the most innovative technology to help professionals save time and money while delivering incredible results. Car Brite is a leader in servicing the auto dealership, car auction and professional detailer with products & training for the most basic clean-up to painted surface and interior restoration.


Car Brite Select

The Car Brite Select system provides products that are VOC compliant, phosphate & NPE-free. Color coded products and labels reduce confusion & risk of improper use. Training is provided on CD & complimented with a water-proof poster.


Exterior Care

Car Brite’s exterior care offering provides products for any job. Available in concentrates and ready-to-use, cleaning products are available for the toughest jobs. Restore painted surfaces with our complete offering of compounds, polishes, glazes and waxes.


Interior Care

Car Brite’s interior care offering meets the challenges of the various interior surfaces including carpet, upholstery, leather and vinyl. We offer solutions to remove the toughest of stains and restore the luster of the interior with conditioners and protectants. Our auto carpet cleaner and protectant is a favorite among professionals.


Janitorial Supplies

Car Brite offers super-concentrated janitorial products to save you time and money with our proprietary proportioning system. This system properly dilutes the products correctly - every time. It’s tamper proof design will save on waste and reduce safety risks.


Detailing Accessories

From brushes to bottles, the Car Brite detailing accessory offering will meet your shop needs. We provide the newest in accessory technology to help make your job easier.


Marine Detailing

Car Brite marine detailing products are perfect, and used often by many professional detailers in the marine industry. We offer products that make cleaning, maintaining and restoring - easy.